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Status: In Development

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Writer: Steven Katz

When Times Square was a backwater filled with saddle shops, Oscar Hammerstein chose it as the location for the biggest entertainment complex in the world. The Olympia had restaurants, bars, three theatres and a nightclub. He single-handedly made Broadway the most popular destination in New York.


Oscar presented shows twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And it was a new kind of entertainment, more spectacular, more outrageous, more sensational than anything that had appeared before.


Hammerstein tells the story of Oscar’s struggle to become the most powerful impresario in New York, and his fights with the law, the mafia and the establishment to change American entertainment forever.


Co-production with Great Point Media. Written by Steven Katz(The Knick and directed by Stephen Hopkins (Californication/ House of Lies).